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This page shows a little of my work. 

Ernie & Kathy.

The begining of the trip thru Eastern Appalachia begins here an can be viewed on the pages  on my site.

Hope you enjoy the creative images taken in these mountains of our lifestyles and the wonderful  people who live within them.

EastKy Photography is based in Eastern Kentucky , where my 15 years experience in photography originated.     I have always wanted to express my vision thru photography.           Each created photograph has a meaning and purpose . It is amazing how light and color can be combined  to create still images bringing to life what is seen thru the Eye of the Photographer.  

 The Images within these pages were taken in The Eastern Appalachian Mountains and surrounding area .

 A small piece of our Appalachian heritage is  recorded on these pages and will always  be remembered as a period in time that will never be forgotten .



Wedding Photography Coverage Available  Basic Wedding Coverage Starting at  $1000.00


2017 Prom Photo Sessions

Photo sessions  available, with appointment.

One Hour Session  starting at  $50.00

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